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There is more to matting than pretty colors. With hundreds of colors to choose from it may surprise you that nearly all of the top selling mats are neutrals. Neutrals are timeless and are easy to move from room to room or to a new home so they add to the longevity of your frame designs. By all means use color when and where it is appropriate but be aware of the many benefits of neutrals.
Perhaps the most important factor when selecting a mat is quality. The very best mats available are made from 100cotton rag. The next step down are mats made from alpha cellulose. Both of these are used for conservation grade framing to help preserve the piece being framed. Mats of lesser quality are made with more highly acidic wood pulp. They are more prone to discoloring, but more importantly, they tend to accelerate the deterioration of the art.
Another consideration when matting is the border widths. There are a lot of variables to think about before making your final decision. It is not as simple as smaller picture get narrower mat border and larger picture gets wider border. Look at the colors and shapes within the art no matter what the size is. Two of the same size picture may look good with different border widths if the shapes are larger in one than the other. Mat borders can also be used to help art fit a wall space better.
If you are using multiple layers of mat in your design, it typically looks best to vary the widths of the accent colors. For example, for a triple mat your borders could be 4'' for the predominant mat, 3/8'' exposure for the second (middle) layer and 1/8'' showing of the lower mat. In general this will look better than using 4'' 1/4'' 1/4'' which would be the same overall size.


To make a smart frame selection, consider Color, Style and Scale. Unless you make greater choices in each category, your frame design will not look its best.
Frame can blend or contrast with the art or mat it is adjacent to. Blending colors will bring a subtlety to the design whereas a stronger contrast will be more dramatic. One look may be more appreciated than the other for specific colors and styles of art.
It is common to choose a frame that matches or relates to the style of the art, but it isn't always necessary. When framing period pieces it is desirable to choose a matching style. When framing newer art it can be fun to intentionally choose an unexpected style to add interest. There should be a relationship between the art and frame but it may come from a pattern on the moulding replicating the look of something in the art.
When it is essential to use a frame from a specific period, Finished Corner Frames (also known as Closed Corner Frames) are a great way to create an authentic look.
Choosing an appropriate width and depth frame is important. The frame needs to be substantial enough to physically support the size and weight of the piece being framed, meaning a heavy plate glass mirror will require a wider frame than a lightweight stretched canvas. A frame should also look supportive of the visual weight of the art. Darker colors, heavy textures and bold patterns can all contribute to the appearance that art is heavier than it may actually be. If framing several sizes of the same print, the frame should get progressively wider for larger sizes to maintain the same sense of balance from one to the next. The era of the art can also guide your selection. Different frame widths were popular at various times in history.
The depth of a frame should be able to accommodate all the contents that will accompany the art, including glass, mats, backings, etc. Deeper frames than needed can also be used to project the art outward or recess it to add depth.
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Winter Sky     (2163-70)
Soft Chamois     (969)
Fondant     (AF-255)
Jicama     (AF-315)
Oatmeal     (268)
Sundial     (1100)
Consentino Chardonnay     (247)
Cloud Nine     (2144-60)
Alabaster     (876)
Lake Placid     (827)
Green Tint     (2139-60)
Gray Mist     (962)
Mirage White     (2116-70)
White Swan     (927)
Luminaire     (374)
Hawthorne Yellow     (HC-4)
Crisp Straw     (2157-50)
Sycamore     (1137)
Wilmington Tan     (HC-34)
Putnam Ivory     (HC-39)
Apparition     (860)
Thunder     (AF-685)
Dried Parsley     (522)
Baja Dunes     (997)
Solitude     (AF-545)
Yukon Sky     (1439)
Pink Panther     (1255)
Dellwood Sand     (1019)
Soft Salmon     (096)
Wasabi     (AF-430)
Palisades Park     (439)
Boudoir     (AF-190)
Fort Pierce Green     (712)
Dolphin     (AF-715)
Cabot Trail     (998)
Arctic Shadows     (1559)
Lodge     (AF-115)
Silhouette     (AF-655)
Bottle Of Bordeaux     (1357)
Love Affair     (1266)
Gentleman`s Gray     (2062-20)
Queen'S Wreath     (1426)
Iris Bliss     (1383)
Buckingham Gardens     (545)
Night Owl     (CC-662)
Aqua Marina     (816)
Southwest Pottery     (048)
Chadwick Brown     (1160)
Elk Horn     (AF-105)
Satchel     (AF-240)
Rosewood     (2082-40)
none     (none)
Mascarpone     (AF-20)
White Down     (970)
Shell Pink     (883)
Citrus Mist     (141)
Malton     (1073)
Safari     (AF-335)
Refined     (AF-75)
Oxford White     (869)
White Opulence     (879)
Misty Blue     (820)
Woodland White     (463)
Etiquette     (AF-50)
Crystalline     (AF-485)
Battenberg     (AF-70)
Sesame     (381)
Banana Cream     (275)
Desert View     (108)
Terra Bella     (AF-195)
Boardwalk     (1102)
Powell Buff     (HC-35)
Wish     (AF-680)
Gray Husky     (1473)
Guilford Green     (HC-116)
Brandon Beige     (977)
Ocean City Blue     (718)
Central Mauve     (1412)
Tara     (1270)
Seaside Sand     (2110-40)
Dorset Gold     (HC-8)
Agave     (AF-420)
Flora     (AF-470)
Thicket     (AF-405)
Blue Echo     (AF-505)
Cinder     (AF-705)
Alexandria Beige     (HC-77)
Sage Mountain     (1488)
Tamarind     (AF-120)
Kendall Charcoal     (HC-166)
Pomegranate     (AF-295)
Desert Shadows     (2114-30)
New York State Of Mind     (805)
Irises     (1440)
Wisteria     (AF-585)
Courtyard Green     (546)
Ashwood Moss     (1484)
Salzburg Blue     (755)
Santa Fe Pottery     (1287)
Jackson Tan     (HC-46)
Cougar Brown     (2106-40)
Deep Mauve     (1265)
Princess     (1272)
none     (none)
Paper Mache     (AF-25)
Navajo White     (947)
First Light     (2102-70)
Corinthian White     (162)
Jute     (AF-80)
Desert Tan (cp Colors)     (2153-50)
Olivetint     (519)
Frostine     (AF-5)
White Zinfandel     (880)
Heaven On Earth     (1661)
Cloud Cover     (855)
Fossil     (AF-65)
Bird`s Egg     (2051-60)
White Rock     (918)
Folk Art     (528)
Westminster Gold     (200)
Peach Stone     (094)
Lingerie     (AF-200)
Honeymoon     (AF-345)
Spring Morning     (263)
Mocha Cream     (995)
Metro Gray     (1459)
Lenox Tan     (HC-44)
Providence Olive     (HC-98)
Aspen Skies     (1656)
Easter Ribbon     (1381)
Titanic Rose     (2092-50)
Driftscape Tan     (2106-50)
Citrine     (AF-370)
Sweet Daphne     (529)
Del Mar Blue     (704)
Mistletoe     (474)
Blue Dusk     (1644)
Granite     (AF-660)
Nordic Gray     (CC-576)
Sparrow     (AF-720)
Brown Horse     (2108-30)
Gray Mountain     (1462)
Dinner Party     (AF-300)
Vintage Wine     (2116-20)
Lucerne     (AF-530)
Rock Gray     (1615)
Pewter     (2121-30)
Balsam     (567)
Dragonfly     (AF-510)
Dark Teal     (2053-20)
Audubon Russet     (HC-51)
Great Plains Gold     (1077)
Smoked Oyster     (2109-40)
Aplomb     (AF-625)
Red River Clay     (2091-40)
none     (none)
Cloud White     (967)
Linen White     (912)
Head Over Heels     (AF-250)
Swans Mill Cream     (260)
Cedar Key     (982)
Harvest Time     (186)
Ancient Ivory     (935)
Winter Snow     (OC-63)
Sand Dollar     (877)
Sweet Bluette     (813)
Silver Satin     (856)
Maritime White     (963)
Clear Skies     (2054-70)
Ivory Tusk     (2153-70)
Rainforest Dew     (2146-50)
Marblehead Gold     (HC-11)
Coastal Cottage     (1164)
Serendipity     (AF-205)
Goldfinch     (187)
Hush     (AF-95)
Ashen Tan     (996)
Gray Wisp     (1570)
Greenbrier Beige     (HC-79)
Elemental     (AF-400)
Sheer Romance     (837)
Purple Cream     (2073-70)
Ciao Bella     (1187)
Sanctuary     (AF-620)
Anjou Pear     (AF-425)
Shades Of Spring     (537)
Raindance     (1572)
Kennebunkport Green     (HC-123)
Montpelier     (AF-555)
Eagle Rock     (1469)
Weimaraner     (AF-155)
Stampede     (979)
Kona     (AF-165)
Kasbah     (AF-640)
Sundried Tomato     (CC-62)
Chambourde     (AF-645)
Newburg Green     (HC-158)
Tempest     (AF-590)
Coastline     (AF-570)
Martha'S Vineyard     (630)
Polished Slate     (713)
Miramachi     (CC-752)
Montana Agate     (056)
Tyler Taupe     (HC-43)
Mexican Tile     (1194)
Lazy Afternoon     (1378)
none     (none)
none     (none)
Steam     (AF-15)
Lychee     (AF-40)
Peach Cooler     (022)
Natural Beech     (253)
Sparkling Wine     (949)
Straw     (2154-50)
Deep In Thought     (AF-30)
Wedding Veil     (2125-70)
Calm     (2111-70)
Constellation     (AF-540)
Winter Orchard     (1555)
Ionic Column     (1016)
Cream Silk     (2146-60)
Spa     (AF-435)
Pale Vista     (2029-60)
Copacabana     (284)
Charmeuse     (AF-265)
Milk And Honey     (AF-210)
Oat Straw     (AF-340)
Abingdon Putty     (HC-99)
Hampshire Taupe     (990)
Spring Valley     (438)
Kangaroo     (AF-145)
Lapland     (AF-410)
Blue Stream     (1668)
African Violet     (2116-50)
Southern Charm     (1173)
Inspired     (AF-595)
Timothy Straw     (2149-40)
Potpourri Green     (2029-50)
Kensington Green     (710)
Aventurine     (AF-445)
Steep Cliff Gray     (2122-20)
Iron Gate     (1545)
Waynesboro Taupe     (1544)
Devonshire Green     (1489)
Fresh Brew     (1232)
Bonne Nuit     (AF-635)
Rustique     (AF-275)
Dark Purple     (2073-10)
Kensington Blue     (840)
Tropical Dusk     (2117-40)
Amsterdam     (AF-550)
Boreal Forest     (AF-480)
Schooner     (AF-520)
Dark Basalt     (2072-10)
Firenze     (AF-225)
Tumeric     (AF-350)
Birchwood     (1161)
Cupid'S Dart     (1385)
none     (none)
none     (none)
Dune White     (968)
Woodland Snow     (2161-70)
Arizona Peach     (092)
Westchester Tan     (246)
Sandy Beaches     (946)
Golden Straw     (2152-50)
Ivory White     (925)
Chantilly Lace     (2121-70)
Silver Bells     (1458)
Silver Cloud     (2129-70)
Light Pewter     (1464)
Kitten Whiskers     (1003)
Blossom Tint     (933)
Carrington Beige     (HC-93)
Veranda View     (541)
Treasure Trove     (285)
Precocious     (051)
Italianate     (AF-215)
Stone House     (1039)
Gray Mirage     (2142-50)
Chocolate Mousse     (1025)
Tree Moss     (508)
Glacial Till     (AF-390)
Pashmina     (AF-100)
Instinct     (AF-575)
Violetta     (AF-615)
Brookline Beige     (HC-47)
Caribbean Sunset     (1377)
Fresh Olive     (2149-30)
Stem Green     (2029-40)
Tranquil Blue     (2051-50)
Wethersfield Moss     (HC-110)
Night Train     (1567)
Stardust     (2108-40)
Creekbed     (1006)
Fallen Timber     (994)
Bison Brown     (2113-30)
Cabernet     (2116-30)
Louisana Hot Sauce     (CC-124)
Caponata     (AF-650)
Blue Nova     (825)
Amorous     (AF-600)
Labrador Blue     (1670)
Backwoods     (469)
Fiji     (AF-525)
Radicchio     (CC-32)
Buttered Yam     (AF-230)
Caramel Apple     (1042)
Terra Mauve     (105)
Darkest Grape     (2069-30)
none     (none)
none     (none)
Dove Wing     (960)
White Blush     (904)
Butterfly Kisses     (902)
Ylang Ylang     (AF-305)
Lambskin     (1051)
Standish White     (HC-32)
Timid White     (2148-60)
Simply White     (2143-70)
Shoreline     (1471)
Lily White     (2128-70)
Athena     (858)
Angelica     (AF-665)
Citronée     (281)
Yellow Iris     (373)
Celadon Green     (2028-60)
French Quarter Gold     (287)
Paris Romance     (1262)
Farm Fresh     (AF-360)
Bradstreet Beige     (HC-48)
Revere Pewter     (HC-172)
Hazlewood     (1005)
Grasslands     (502)
Bleeker Beige     (HC-80)
Cape May Cobblestone     (1474)
Blue Ice     (821)
Porcelain     (2113-60)
Sherwood Tan     (1054)
Vegetable Patch     (062)
Mother Earth     (376)
Kiwi     (544)
Riviera Azure     (822)
Galapagos Green     (475)
Secret     (AF-710)
Driftwood     (2107-40)
Willow Creek     (1468)
Devonwood Taupe     (1008)
Incense Stick     (2115-20)
Kalamata     (AF-630)
Segovia Red     (1288)
Bittersweet Chocolate     (2114-10)
Luxe     (AF-580)
Hazy Lilac     (2116-40)
Jamestown Blue     (HC-148)
Holiday Wreath     (447)
Lakeside Cabin     (1658)
Caliente     (AF-290)
Peach Brandy     (112)
Edgewood Rocks     (1056)
Warmed Cognac     (AF-235)
Fashion Rose     (1356)
none     (none)
none     (none)
Seapearl     (961)
CollectorS Item     (AF-45)
Pirates Cove Peach     (903)
Chatsworth Cream     (225)
Carlisle Cream     (1031)
Almond Bisque     (269)
Vapor     (AF-35)
Gardenia     (AF-10)
Violet Mist     (1437)
Sea Foam     (2123-60)
Olympic Mountains     (971)
Winter Gray     (2117-60)
White Marigold     (2149-60)
Calla Lily     (283)
Country Comfort     (305)
City Scape Morning     (368)
Unspoken Love     (1269)
Gingerbread Man     (1111)
Alpaca     (1074)
Brushed Aluminum     (1485)
Shale (861)     (861)
Grasshopper     (AF-415)
Truffle     (AF-130)
Nightingale     (AF-670)
Blue Viola     (1424)
Rose Silk     (2104-60)
Interlude     (AF-135)
Myrtle Beach     (061)
Pale Avocado     (2146-40)
Seedling     (AF-450)
Harlequin Blue     (830)
Cedar Path     (454)
Chelsea Gray     (HC-168)
Woodacres     (1020)
Graystone     (1475)
Carob     (AF-160)
Mississippi Mud     (2114-20)
Eggplant     (1379)
Cherokee Brick     (2082-30)
Blacktop (2135-10)     (2135-10)
Stratford Blue     (831)
Amethyst Sky     (1447)
Atmospheric     (AF-500)
Bonsai     (CC-666)
Watertown     (818)
Bonaparte     (CC-64)
Potters Clay     (1221)
Coriander Seed     (AF-110)
Masada     (AF-220)
Prom Dress     (1273)
none     (none)
none     (none)
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